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Some very dull Forest Service training recently afforded me the opportunity to compose a few more poems using random words… Take a word, see how many other words you can create using only the letters from that word, and then create a poem using only those words…

near an urn learn
an earl ulna
a fen

as banal as a bare seal
a real arson bore bears
no basal seer
sear a sole son,
bale bane bones.

part rain part rant
sip tan saran sap
tin saint rapist rips
past arts rapt rat


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Just heard news from the wolverine folk up in British Columbia that Eowyn, the wolverine we captured and collared this winter in the Methow Valley, WA, was found dead up in Canada. Her remains were found buried next to a Doug fir along with some deer remains. The skull was found with deer bones, and the collar was located nearby. Cougar scat was also around and the buried remains also suggest cougar, so the theory is that Eowyn was found on a deer kill and then killed and eaten by a cougar (who may or may not have originally killed the deer).

It’s always sort of sad to hear about the demise of a being that you have touched, and the counterpoint is always that this is good and interesting data. So it is a mixture of feelings. We do know that she was a young wolverine, so I am sure this sort of mortality is not unusual.

Eowyn during capture in February

Eowyn's skull, photo by Eric Lofroth

skull and deer remains, photo by Eric Lofroth

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Is it strange that you call the back part of a truck the “bed,” and that’s where I sleep for the summer? It’s like it’s meant to be. 5’7″ person in a 6′ truck bed… perfect.

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